Customer Endorsements


    “We have been using the same vacuums for over 12 years and they are still going strong ... cleaning up all foreign debris from dirt to glass to rocks ... Maxi-Sweep pool vacuums are the finest we have ever used” . . . David Early, Aquatics Director, City of Spokane, Spokane, WA.


   “I have received nothing but praise for your equipment ... the over all cleaning time has been reduced by nearly one-third, only one Maxi-Sweep does the work of two other vac cleaning machines, the Maxi-Sweep is light-weight and compact, easy to use and handle, easily maintained and not to mention a great looking machine!” . . . Carol Peterson, Pool Manager of the Las Vegas Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV.


   “We purchased a Maxi-Sweep pool vacuum for our municipal 650,000-gallon outdoor pool ... I finally have lifeguards who enjoy vacuuming because they see the unit actually cleaning ... I talked my pool Board into letting me purchase your unit early, and we can omit a built-in system when we do renovate the pool and save the huge cost of all that piping” . . . Fred Ondris, Director, Parkwood Sports Complex, Great Neck, NY.


   “Vandals threw 150 pounds of manure in our 50 meter pool ... we had the pool cleaned and open in 3 1\2 hours ... Maxi-Sweep lives up to its reputation” . . . Douglas Fox, Senior Aquatics Program Supervisor, Montgomery County Government, Silver Spring, MD.


   “It is one of the most important investments a pool operator could make ... it saves wear and tear on pool filters and reduces backwashing by 75% ... when this Maxi-Sweep wears out I plan on buying another from you ... See you in about ten or fifteen years!” . . . Bob Gillett, Owner, Arizona Sports Ranch, Phoenix, AZ.


   “The Maxi-Sweep portable vacuum system has cut our vacuuming time in half ... we were losing 4”–5” of water from our pools during every cleaning session. Now that has been reduced to zero.” . . . Robert Allen, Athletic Director, Richland County Recreation Commission, Columbia, SC.


   “We are the only semi-public pool in town.  With all the different groups vying for pool time, it’s hard to schedule extended periods of time for regular cleaning  ... Thank goodness for Maxi-Sweep ... we are guaranteed fantastic results in record time!!  The added feature of saving water and chemicals by filtering the water and returning it to the pool continues to be a major plus.” . . . Kathryn McWhorter, Building Coordinator, West Georgia College, Carrollton, GA.


   “Along with keeping our pool cleaner, the Maxi-Sweep has saved wear and tear on our filter system as well as money on heating and replacing lost water.  The choice to buy a Maxi-Sweep was both wise and economical.” . . . Joey Rosser,  General Director, Bessemer Area YMCA, Bessemer, AL.


   “With the use of the Maxi-Sweep we cut the vacuuming time in half with very little clean up, not to mention the saving of water, heat and chemicals by putting the clean filtered water back into the pool and not on the deck.” . . . Paul Rogers, Pool Manger, City of Elko, Elko, NV.


   “In my opinion the Maxi-Sweep is the best product on the market for the effective cleaning of swimming pools.  I highly recommend to anyone your product and the outstanding service your company provides.” . . . Rodney L. Fenstermacher, Facilities Superintendent, Manheim Township, Parks & Recreation Department, Lancaster, PA.


   “I want to let you know how pleased we were with your Maxi-Sweep pool vacuum cleaner.  Staff were able to learn how to use it with minimal instruction and it allowed one person to clean the pool while other staff were busy doing other tasks.  As a testimonial ... I have budgeted for another Maxi-Sweep ... to be used at my second pool.” . . . Ray Morrill, Superintendent of Recreation, Wheaton Park District,   Wheaton, IL.