New 2 hp Electric Pump & Parts

New 2 hp Electric Pump & PartsThe following parts are for the new 2 hp Electric Maxi-Sweeps. Please contact us if you are not sure which model you have. Replacement parts not listed can be ordered by calling our order department at 1-800-279-2071.
2 hp Electric Motor, Pump and Strainer Assembly CompleteE-01002 hp Electric Motor, Pump and Strainer Assembly Complete$1,870.002 hp Electric MotorE-01012 hp Electric Motor$736.56Seal PlateE-0102Seal Plate$142.44
Mounting PlateE-0103Mounting Plate$27.17Mechanical SealE-0104Mechanical Seal$14.38ImpellerE-0105Impeller$85.01
DiffuserE-0106Diffuser$62.47Band Clamp Assembly CompleteE-0107Band Clamp Assembly Complete$124.62Front HousingE-0108Front Housing$194.81
Hex Head ScrewE-0109Hex Head Screw$3.28Impeller Locking ScrewE-0110Impeller Locking Screw$4.41Pump BaseE-0111Pump Base$75.01