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Vacuuming olympic size swimming pools, fountains, cooling towers and large commercial water features has always been a giant, costly maintenance problem. Common problems that occur are: won't catch prime, no suction, wastes chemically treated water, misses more than it picks up, takes too long, vacuum head too small, and on and on, the frustration never ends. These problems are normal occurrences in day to day cleaning.

So much for problems, let's get to the solution. A complete vacuum cleaning system that is easy to start, prime and use. One that is strong enough to withstand day to day employee use. The MAXI-SWEEP System is currently being used in over 4,000 commercial facilities. Universities, cities, military bases, country clubs, and amusement parks are among the many who have found MAXI-SWEEP system to be the answer to not only their problems, but also the best way to do routine cleaning as well.

This letter is to explain why your facility would want to purchase a MAXI-SWEEP Portable Pool & Fountain Vacuum verses purchasing another brand of cleaner. MAXI-SWEEP is the only "complete" portable pool and fountain vacuum on the market in the world today.

We have over thirty years in the swimming pool business: building, repairing, cleaning, and chemicals. This is why we built this product. MAXI-SWEEP will improve your water feature maintenance in the following ways:

  • Reduce your vacuum time by at least 50%
  • Save you thousands of gallons of water
  • Saving water means saving chemicals
  • Lower plant maintenance
  • Eliminates brushing
  • Portable - use at more than one water feature
  • Optional aeration - for temperature control
  • Save on new pool construction costs by eliminating in-house vacuum systems
  • Handles disaster cleanups fast
  • Serves as a standby circulation filter when equipment breaks down
  • A portable waste pump for draining flooded basements or pump houses

Quite an impressive list and the proof is in our guarantee. Buy a MAXI-SWEEP and use it, if you're not completely satisfied with the machine, or if it doesn't do what we claim - we'll buy it back. Phone numbers and customer lists are available for personal recommendations. For further information concerning the MAXI-SWEEP System, don't hesitate to call and ask for one of our sales representatives.


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